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"We’re a fresh, hungry and ambitious branding and design agency that works with businesses throughout the UK and internationally".


Fresh thinking

Experience is good to have, but keeping an open and curious mind is essential. We're constantly learning to stay fresh.

People first

We value our close relationships with our clients and our extended team. We want to create work that gets results.


We edit, simplify and create solutions that are simple and to the point. Why? Because we live in a fast, busy world and simplicity cuts through the noise.

Barry Garwood (Founder) is a creative graphic designer specialising in logo design and corporate branded materials such as brochures, business stationery, advertisements and online communications.

By working directly with a designer rather than an account handler it enables clear communication between client and designer, which can influence the success of a project. The majority of our clients stay in touch over the years and use Mousetrap Design for all their design needs. We offer a full range of design abilities with the benefit of a friendly approach and cost effective service. 


In over sixteen years as a graphic designer I have worked on a wide range of projects developing a depth of experience in producing design solutions for print and online. My client list includes a mix of brands and organisations from multinationals to startups to charities. I have an extended team of trusted suppliers including printers, freelancers and developers to ensure all your design requirements (and deadlines!) are fulfilled,

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